Replacements for azo dyes

Background: following changes to European legislation, manufacturers must now list on their packaging all those products which contain azo dyes as they may have an effect on the activity and attention of children. There is therefore a growing demand to replace these dyes wherever possible, particularly in the meat sector, where azo dyes are used to colour casings.

To respond to this problem and help its clients find effective solutions, DENA has developed a range of replacement dyes based on natural alternatives which come in various hues from orange to red vermilion.

  • 53000073             E122 SUBSTITUTE DYE                                         replaces E122
  • 53000065             CARMINE-ANNATTO CASING DYE                   replaces E124
  • 53000072             MERGUEZ / NATURAL LIQUID DYE                    merguez dye
  • 53000074             SAVELOY / NATURAL ORANGE DYE                 saveloy dye

Flavour enhancers and glutamate substitutes

Background: monosodium glutamate gets bad press in the agro-food industry. Most of the industry avoids it and only uses it in charcuterie products. We have therefore developed a range of substitutes based on natural flavours to avoid the use of glutamate without compromising the taste of the charcuterie. These products are suitable both for charcuterie and raw or dried products.

DENA's offer:

80101146             GOURMEX WI                  broth taste enhancer

80105151             GOURMEX OS                  spicy taste enhancer

10672400             GOURMEX AG                  meaty taste enhancer

Offre DENA :

80101146             GOURMEX WI                  renforce le goût bouillon

80105151             GOURMEX OS                  renforce le goût épicé

10672400             GOURMEX AG                  renforce le goût viandé